Week 3 of my 6 week Detox Programme – Eliminating Meat, Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

6 Week Detox Program finishing with a 2/3 day juice fast – This is a gentle Naturopathic programme that will change your lifestyle and make you glow from the inside out.

The food to eliminate from your diet this week is Meat. There are many health benefits from a plant-based diet, it will help decrease your risk of heart disease, lower your risk of cancer and stroke, reduce constipation, help you to lose weight while watching diabetes evaporate or osteoporosis be reversed as well as having profound effects on the planet’s resources and saving animals.

Love your vegetables
Love your vegetables

Many people are unaware that vegetables, in many cases contain much larger amounts of protein per calories that dairy or meat products. High levels of protein are found in green leafy vegetables, especially Spinach and Broccoli where as beans, lentils and grains are the staple of any vegetarian and vegans diet. Look out this week for some recipe ideas.

A very common symptom from eating meat is constipation. Are you constipated right now? Whether you are occasionally constipated or suffer from chronic constipation, as a high percentage of the population do, a plant-based diet will help solve the problem.

The transit time for all foods in your system should be 16 hours. So if you’re interested in testing your digestive timing, ingest some corn and time how long it takes to appear in your stool. The time from ingestion to the time the corn ceases to appear in your stool is the true transit time. To the extent that the interval is greater than 16 hours, you are constipated and waste products are remaining in your body long enough to cause disease.

Major danger can arise when we add meat products to a poorly functioning or constipated system. Red meat that stays in the system for over 16 hours begins to putrefy and becomes toxic. Not only will this create discomfort and intense odour, but food that purifies in the stomach, colon, or intestines creates a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and tumours.

The toxins and diseases that arise from a constipated system aren’t the only reasons for concern. In addition to cancer, heart disease, diverticulitis, IBS, obesity, arthritis and a plethora of other conditions that have some link to constipation, the energy and straining required to relieve a clogged system can cause heart attacks, hemorrhoids, a ballooning of the intestinal wall, and can negatively affect the prostate.

Cutting meat out of your diet will detoxify colon and make your bowel’s work more efficiently, when you eat a healthy plant-based diet, your challenges with constipation will evaporate. Your acid/alkaline balance will improve making your body more alkaline and your skin will also benefit immensely and become healthy and glowing. Now there is a reason in itself to give up meat.

Give it a try, swap that Steak for a Tofu stir-fry, you will feel the health benefits almost straight away with not feeling as bloated and full. And remember Vegetarian and Vegan food is far from boring.

Keep up the good work!


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