Maternity leave

As from the end of September 2022, I will unavailable in my Navan & Slane Clinic till Spring 2023 as I will be on maternity leave. 

Maja Cvetnic will be joining my Navan clinic. 
Maja is a fully qualified Acupuncturist who also specialises in bodywork and is also a Physiotherapist. Maja will be in the Navan clinic on Thursday’s and hopefully more days going forward. 

Please contact Maja directly to make an appointment. 
Call: 089 9405770 

These are other Acupuncturists that I recommend:

If you are requiring fertility acupuncture and IVF support, please contact any practitioners from the Acupuncture Fertility & Pregnancy Ireland association.

I specifically recommend Kevin Callan in Carrickmacross & Dundalk –

Alexia Treanor in Monaghan town –

Amanda Hughes – Dublin, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbalist –

Brenda Ward in Maynooth –

Teri Shanahan in Cavan –

Anyone on the AFPI list in Dublin.

I also recommend the following therapists:

Brenda Rock – Yoga, Massage and Being Well program –

Margaret Walsh – Physical Therapist and pre & post natal & general Pilates –

Ula Boyle – Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology, Reki & Massage –

Joanne Gribbin – Nutritional Therapist –

Susan Cooney – Homeopath – 087 9445375

Anna Rossberg – Baby massage & Yoga –

Goulwen Personnic – Reflexology –

Thank you for your continued support and I will see you in the Spring. 

Best Wishes, 


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